Cairn, 2019: Untitled i (’19)

a doctor’s rose in foreign ground
wintering harshness in a folded lair
all past crowned summers gone
cut back almost into root
transplanted, grafted, remembering
her dream of pink, his Albertine

A. H / K. H-H (4 February 2019 first published here 19/2/19)

Cairn 2019 — my cairn building got interrupted by nothing in particular last week, the first anniversary of my blogging was the 25th, maybe celebrations of one year were going a bit too far. But to conclude with one final reposting, something really quite recent.

Untitled poems are a bit new to me, and maybe I should really do it and just have given them a number, doh. This was a happy poem, from a nice place and a good place, in deep winter.

Now, on to find more of such things, and help them grow for others.

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