Cairn, 2019: burnt

woman in black top beside green leafed plant
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

i have not listened to the soil’s breathy gossip
since the oven crusted me

i have not had the field’s weeds’ wonder still me
since i learned the paths of men

i have not waked as rain claims my face
then cleanses any eye-open authority
since i knew what i must do

i have not sensed the storm’s heart-catch-fly me
since the forecast reasons weathered me

i have not felt my care-full life
since my ways of life imprisoned me

A. H / K. H-H (24th August 2018 and edited 17th April to later version of 24 August after publication, and published this time with a new title instead of repeat of first line)
(written after reading some Rilke)

Cairn 2019 – this was a very enjoyable poem to write, not for the imprisonment, a given maybe, but for dreaming of those moments of being. (gone back to simply reposting by changing publication date)


edit 12/4/20 changed title, made photo featured.

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