Cairn, 2019

In ten days It will be a year since I started posting regularly and more seriously here.

I’ve surprised myself, over one hundred and twenty posts – many poems written just to be posted, not all of them though and fewer recently due to work demands. Its been a great stimulus and to connect to others reading and liking and occasionally responding.

I’d only rejigged the site so people looking for info on my poems could find it and got into the blogging by accident. Hence having to rejig tags and all nine months in. Hence also flirting with making it more serious as I learned more of blogging, but hope its not too professional seeming. I like to challenge that and be my random self – though I have to admit there are a few posts I deleted or made private.

When I began last year having this helped me a lot at a very difficult time and finding others reacting to the posts.

A Very Good Thing, thanks to all. And to other bloggers for your example and restoring my faith in creativity out there and reachable and reaching out . Work is diverting me far more this year, but I hope to keep at it and to get back to reading others more.

An unexpected cairn started – posting some of my favourite posts, some I feel that got a bit missed as well maybe, again and maybe a new poem if I get one, over the next ten days — and if I post this I’ll have to sort a few out, one a day, say. And if I sort out how best to republish them.

Toni 🙂

dark path of the drops
finding a way, lost, toward
the memory of light,
dawning in confidence

A. H/ K. H-H (15 April 2019)

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