An Edge

i’ve stepped into air
eventually had to had to
around an edge as theorised
for real to find there –
on the other side –
footholds, as we said,
rock wall, cracks to grip, the same
earth miraculous
from another direction
climbing yet to do
somehow the climb opened

A. H / K. H-H (28 January 2019)

especially relevant for people that trained with me as a counsellor and a certain seminar and teacher – so many edges, always the same — known this one and even how it will all be ok (well, at best, maybe) but still its an edge, you still have to step into air, and this remained so for a long time, and who knows if the climb is open — and i think of Martin Landau’s character, Leonard, at the end of North by NorthWest, not helping, treading on RoT’s fingers, and also, curiously I realise now, something from the film but also strangely real for me, best not said, onwards . . .

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