girlhood iii

it has two parts

the first
in the time of childhood things
vivid and suppressed
alternately aching, numb
and for all cleverness
literally dumb

the second inevitable
when allowed
inconvenient mid-life retraining
to redress
so much, that even you,
in some way, worked for

the learnings of a teen
decades late
practical style and/or lack of it
for yourself

then things you hadn’t realised
as really you did not enforce them
(just cruised along oblivious? space cadet?)
of what for women is put out of reach
you really didn’t get it

but so much else
this poetry is doomed to failure
just a sketch
already the product of years
it will be years to have perspective

oh, will it, won’t it
accept again a calculus

after all
you’re overturning yourself
as product

A. H / K. H-H (7th November 2018)

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