girlhood ii

i only entitled the first of these xxiv as it was written on the 24th of a month – and had a dim feeling i should try and write more. i’m not sure they are not too discursive, not slant enough maybe, but i have the first five now, drafted at least, and some more ideas, probably won’t post them all, but realised I’ve moved away from posting anything on trans lines, I don’t like to just have that aspect or label, but i have it, embrace it, thankful and better in my being through all it brings, when i finally let it

girlhood ii

gifted internal bias
in reconciling opposites
interest in sacred marriages
that seems totally unrealistic
to the commitments of others

prone to fracture
in meeting their oppositions
accepting their being
but always finding a way back
to this apparent antithesis

really it’s your only way
to sanity
a practical melding
of gender diversity
middle ground

healing you
who’s always been
no matter how it seems outside,
somewhere inside,
crossing over
gender messenger

though such maturity
self definition – even now
a way off
certain yet uncertain
writing its way toward answers

let us review then
such girlhood

A. H / K. H-H (7 November 2018)

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