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i’ve updated these pages a bit recently, and do hope that has not led to followers getting lots of messages. i actually read some of he WordPress tips on blogging! hence a few internal links and revised categories and tags. But i don’t want to make this space seem like a professional blog, or a vehicle to publicise a book (I won’t get any gain from it really with my publisher, it goes to them, they mentored me). but I would like to break the barrier of views i’ve had a bit. maybe that is just about content.
however, i lost a follower today, yes, these things happen – but it makes you (me) think — of a fine balance between my love of the amateur, my developing writerness and the smoothness and apparent certainty/product of a committed writer, who has to engage with the way systems of being a writer work (as in part i have to at this time in my life). As with the first six months, please be patient, it is all a process, that i must keep coming back to, as you may have seen, i can be as clumsy and beholden to product as anyone . . .


edit – to gain financially I mean, maybe by selling some of my copies myself. but of course a huge gain maybe to myself as a person, as a writer developing, hopefully to reputation, yes.

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