an accident watches itself, like a collision at CERN

a skid driven into
all the dry summer long

all a life’s summer

reaching an immovable destination
collision-junction in life’s energy
true to fundamental causes
flaws since the running in

running through each incident
designed as if to meet
this life’s hidden faultiness
or is their observation what’s created this?

otherwise quite roadworthy
except for treachery of instants

slow motion self knowledge
in this synthesis unfolding
dishonour on all sides
especially any attempt
at a single unified theory

it all only worsens with thinking
forgetting the experience of parts

meaninglessness without subjectivity
each point of view

they know themselves
to be fuelled by momentum
gained in every turn
that missed this
skid avoidance turns
snooker shot certainty

all motion ending tragically

leaving just prayer, forgiveness

a particle’s part

in firework analysis
of faults of heart

A. H / K.H-H (30th October 2018)

accident observes itself2 (1)

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