Six months in – reviewing and thinking

First, thank you to all my visitors, likers, commenters and followers. I’ve not said much of myself really, but connecting here in the last six months has been a helpful thing for me.

I rejigged these pages just to post links to published poems and writings of mine and to have a way for people to find my book, if and when that happens. But found myself blogging poems. That was accidental, but has been a good thing for me a this time.

I’m trying to learn from it. I think, though I like sharing process by sharing very new work, that in fact that does not seem to stimulate discussion, so am going to try and consider what I write a bit further before posting, through cunning use of the scheduling facility. So, still new poems, just less like they are in a notebook. It may help me not have to edit as I do sometimes when I’ve just posted very new things, withdrawing some of them. I do burst a bit to share sometimes, it’s a bit like being three. (And still for me a disbelief (?) I can speak maybe, that I’m in touch with a poem, almost a panic to do so, make it real in others’ ears.) When I began here I was getting a lot of stuff that seemed to work right off, not all times are as rich or vivid, as suited to posting in that way. No bad thing to practice some containment.

I’m going to try to post more regularly – to a schedule. I got a bit away from that in October. But without trapping myself in a plan, I hope, maybe scheduling will help this too. I’ll aim for two posts per week, at minimum, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, more if I have material. I shall also aim to be brief, to some relief, not least my own. I’m thinking at the moment to try and keep up with the Hitchcock reviews on a Saturday. Hopefully there will be other poems to post as well.

I’ve not said much about my poems in my posts so far, anything in fact. I may experiment with introducing some to find out if it helps, as it can at readings, and as it can when we come to poets cold. But that whole tell it slant or being too direct and open is also a dialogue I’m always learning about — people have seen both in my poems.

It just struck me, I’m crafting a tool for my writing, not a cold machine, I’m not giving myself to it and a need to duck deadly blades it thrusts, but a structure in my writing rhythm . . . that must still learn and adapt.


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