accident (revised)

art back view backlit boy
Photo by Victor on

wrapped in net curtains
the playful balcony twirler
of open windows
yearns girldom
this the closest he’ll get
on his twenty-seventh floor
frightened would be
bride of free flight
shroud restricted
gauze encased

what if? what if?
he insists

so his strange mock sister
tipped this rehearsal
dream of embrace
into freedom’s fall
insisting her Newtonian certainty
gifting a world rush
in mantled transparency
to this ghostly cartoon
dropping through all flaws
windows lit watching
his veil-away scream-struggles

to greet the wind eye-true
wonder-struck accidental
secret heart eternal
to her  humdrum demonstration

as it reaches this
its Pyrrhic conclusion
in a social concrete

A. H / K. H-H (8th and 28th July 2018)

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