practical faith

sometimes i find myself,
to curiously misstate,
find myself quite lost.
Pan in the trees
catch in the breath,
path, clear, lost.
Desperation rises
for views gone
sense of direction.
Part social,
fear of disbelief,
the knowing eyes of the certain
denying their refuge.
Outcast i accept these situations
whether in hint or flood
prisoner of the moment
scrambling a hold
my glimpse of Eden
light grown in
words pour
more less
greedy and desperate
waist deep panning gold
to repeat loss.

i pray to relearn silence
faith in the sea
in face of rocks in eyes
the whirlpools of my mind
its forest, theirs.
eyes on light,
weather – weather,
calm in greater calm.

A. H / K H-H (26 June 2018)

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