Peace Camp, Dunstanburgh Castle 21 July 2012.

So, last week I went along to this event — read about it here <a href=”“> Peace Camp 2012 </a>. Not a life changing event but very enjoyable – a nice walk at an unusual time, a chance to take photos, wander around an art work and hear poetry. And it worked, I knew many of the poems, but it was a calm and peaceful place to hear them, the whole thing was a refreshing space, and also to the good, there never being a better time than now to be active for peace (well this is better than nothing, a start for me).

I arrived early, so had a better look at Craster harbour –

Didn’t see any herring come ashore.

Twenty minutes well spent staring at the sea.

And they’re off:

Excellent experience. I most enjoyed a poem/piece about someone whose late Mam and Dad came to them which they saw as fact not “mumbo-jumbo” spirituality. It was on their website but I cannot find it now. Never a better time to campaign for peace – jaw jaw!

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